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Milk Line

Film and photographic documentation, 2016

Milk, timber, cord, rubber

An installation at the LT Ranch, Lithuania



Milk Line was a temporary installation installed at the LT Ranch, Lithuania – part of my contribution to LT Ranch Summer Session 2016, a student workshop organised by LT Ranch Director and Founder Kristina Kotov. Milk Line is cut into the landscape: a negative that on further inspection turns out to be material, and, indeed, fluid. Constructed like a simple timber feeding trough, the channel holds some 50 litres of milk. It deliberately references rural architecture (in the manner of some of Mary Miss’s work from the 1970s), and my earlier 2004 installation Milky Voids.

KW Milk Line #7

In a reflexive gesture, at the end of the one-day long installation, the milk is returned to the land from which it is produced, by cutting the cord which holds the end piece, thus releasing the milk which, for a brief moment, spurts out onto the landscape. The line has now become another relic: a water channel to be responded to, or not, in future projects. 

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