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Installation, 2000

A collaboration with Dieter Pietsch

Acrylic, steel, stained mdf, fluorescent lights, 

3 x video projections (looped)

Performer: Chris Swain

Fabrication: Mick Stickland and Stef Willis

Metalwork: Michael Sanders



#226 formed part of ‘Performance Architecture’, two nights of installations/performances/projections exploring the common ground between architecture, installation and performance. The events accompanied the ‘Performing Architecture’ symposium at Tate Modern. Referring to Le Corbusier’s modular system, the work was inspired by Corbusier’s Brutalist La Tourette monastery in France.

The work comprised two components: a stepped structure forming a ‘negative’ altar, based on the exact dimensions of Corbusier’s own altar at the Dominican monastery, and a specially constructed (and back-lit) three screen structure, where a spectral figure performs ritual prostrations.

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